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Indian Customs Import Data is a systematic and consolidated report based & compiled from Bill of Entry & Invoices filed with Indian Customs. It contains all the import records of Sea and Air Shipments coming to Indian Sea ports, ICDs, CFS, and Airports. Not only Mumbai!
Derived from Indian Customs, India Imports data contains important details like Indian Importers name & address*(Wherever available), Quantity, Price, HScode etc. which will help you in getting actual market intelligence for any product or HS Classification.
Indian Import data contains the following fields:
1. Indian Importer Name, Address, Telephone, Fax, Email, Contact Person 
2. Date of Shipment.
3. HSCode.
4. Product Description.
5. Import Assessable value in INR and US$.
6. Unit Rate INR & US$.
7. Quantity & Unit of quantity
8. Port of Origin. (overseas port)
9. Port of Destination. (Indian port)
10. Country of Origin.
11. Mode of Shipment.

Indian Import data Sample:

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